Meet the Image Navigation Team

Lawrence Obstfeld

Mr. Lawrence Obstfeld, Executive Chairman, CEO

Mr. Lawrence Obstfeld is Managing Director at MorningSight Capital, the control shareholder of Image Navigation LTD. He is responsible for setting objectives, building the organization, monitoring performance and designing the long-range strategic plan.

Mazal Maman

Ms. Mazal Maman – CFO

Ms. Mazal Maman brings over 18 years of financial management and accounts experience to Image Navigation. She is responsible for managing the planning and controlling of all financial processes, Annual Financial reports and HR issues.

Dana Cohen

Ms. Dana Cohen – QA & RA Manager

Ms. Dana Cohen brings over 6 years of Quality Assurance experience to the Image Navigation. She is responsible for managing the development, implementation and maintenance of all quality assurance and regulatory systems and activities.

Alon Wexler

Dr. Alon Wexler – IGI Product Manager

Dr. Alon Wexler graduated the Hebrew University Dental School and joined the IGI development team in 2001. He is an extensively published researcher in navigational implant dentistry. His responsibilities include guiding future development and clinical training on the IGI system.

Liron Alafi

Mr. Liron Alafi, Eng. – Customer Support

Mr. Liron Alafi joined the team in 2004 while studying engineering at the University of HIP. He is presently responsible for customer service, technical support and installation for both IGI and DentSim systems.

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